Red Rabbit

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Production is the process of or management involved in making a film, tv series, commercial and live events. From concept to execution, we can offer our experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful end product. Nothing is perfect, but we will try our best to ensure your production stands out heads above the rest. 

live events . storyboarding . conceptualisation . on-set shoots . music videos . corporate videos


Online, in our simple terms is any any creative or technical work required to create an online virtual internet presence for your brand or product. The world wide web and the “cloud” or the “internet” can be foreign to many as it changes so fast that many battle to keep up. We embrace the new virtual landscape and are equipped to help you make your mark.

web design . web development . social media campaign . email marketing


Post-production is part of the process of filmmaking, video and audio production. It occurs in the making of motion pictures, TV series, radio programs, commercials, online videos, and digital art.

graphic design . presentations . motion graphics . offline editing . online editing . compositing . voice over . final mix . 5.1 surround mix . color grading . encoding & distribution